How to #Win at BBQ’s this Summer


Hello Summer! How I missed you. Who’s ready for watermelon, beach trips and long sunny days? Summertime means spending more time with friends and family at BBQ’s, but that doesn’t mean it should steer you from the progress you made with your health the first 5 months of this year! Here are some easy steps to put into place as you head into the upcoming July 4th weekend.

:: One ::

Don’t go hungry! Waking up and saying “I’m going to a BBQ later, so I’ll starve until then” is the biggest mistake you can make. Eat a protein packed breakfast to help establish a healthy blood sugar level early in the day. Before you leave the house, drink a green smoothie (spinach, mango, pineapple and Love & Peas Protein is my summer go to smoothie) – this way you can make more conscious decisions about your eating.

:: Two ::

Hydrate responsibly. Skip the dehydrating sodas and fruit juices and opt for cucumber and lemon infused waters. These not only keep you hydrated in the heat, but also help your digestion. Drink up!

:: Three ::

Skip the bread, all of it. The first question I usually get is is “what about whole wheat?” the answer is NO. Stick to lean, organic meats (no processed meats like hotdogs) and veggies. The bread will expand in your tummy and fill you with empty calories. Enjoy a burger with all the toppings and replace the bun with mushroom or eggplant. You will thank me later.

:: Four ::

Skip dessert. Baked sweets will keep you coming back for more. Have you had grilled strawberries, pineapples or apples? They’re to die for! For a little extra sweetness, glaze these fruits with maple syrup or agave. Check out the awesome recipe from the picture on this post here .

What are some of your favorite Healthy BBQ Dishes? Share below!

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