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In 2013, I got my very first dose of what would become a travel addiction: sailing. A group of my friends for together and booked a yacht during a “Yacht Week” route in Greece. It was absolutely amazing. For me, there’s nothing better than waking up literally ON the ocean, the freedom of sailing (or sitting next to the skipper) and seeing nothing but open water my horizon excites and renews me. Sailing in Greece was beautiful and the food delicious …. but listening to techno all day, for 8 days – was not.

The following year, booked a bigger yacht (of course we had to upgrade, that’s what “hoodrich” folks do) and brought in the New Year in the British Virgin Islands. It was magical. No excessive techno, lots of trap and island music and waking up to deep blue seas.

Side Story: You may have noticed my Instagram hashtags #hoodrichBVI or most recently #hoodrichthailand so I must share the fabulous back story behind it. One of my travel soulmates was asked if she was rich booking yachts and private charters to extravagant destinations, the response was “yes, hoodrich.”  In reality, we’re just a bunch of firm believers in the term work hard, play harder. Plus, let’s just say they have a magical wizard (me) who finds the best deals and ways around having lavish vacations for prices you wouldn’t believe.

On a drunken BVI night, we decided we wanted our friends to join us on our next and most recent sailing adventure, Thailand. After all, who could say no to a $675 flight to Phuket from JFK and paying $950 to stay on a Yacht and sail from island to impossibly beautiful island for 7 days? Yes, this trip came in under $2,000 – #winning

This last sailing trip was by far my favorite of all. Thailand truly is well endowed with unparalleled tropical beauty. The deep blue and green waters are hypnotizing. Towering limestone formations jet up from the ocean making you realize how truly small and insignificant you are on this big and beautiful earth. But, I am sure you can see some of my pictures determine all the beauty that is Thailand on your own. Let’s talk about how 17 friends on 2 boats shared what seemingly felt like one bag of ice over 7 days in 107-degree weather. The struggle … was very real! But we all have zero complaints, and memories will last a lifetime.

Thinking of gathering some friends? Go ahead and book a yacht! After all, #YOLO – But first, check out what I’ve learned from #hoodrichthailand and other sailing adventures that will help you when you book your next #YOLO vacation



Costumes are an essential part of all my yacht trips. This year, the line up included tutus, luchador masks and our custom t-shirts.




Pack a coconut drill to open up coconuts at anytime. Note: Be sure to lock up your yacht while you take a trip to a nearby cave. If you don’t, your friends who didn’t pack a coconut drill will use the opportunity to put on their luchador masks and go to your yacht to steal not only your drill, but also your coconuts.



Be sure to invite people who are smart enough to steal coconuts, but not a much more needed staple in 107-degree weather … ice.


Make sure you purchase your liquor at the duty free in your departing airport. Liquor in foreign airports/countries is terrible! Don’t end up like the folks who stole my coconuts and had to drink whatever was available to them – because who drinks Gold Label by choice? BUT – at least they had awesome floaties.


A gucci flip flop?


Pizza, cupcakes and donuts? They definitely all needed colonics after the trip.


One word. Drone. No yacht vacation is complete without having a drone following you around. The pictures and videos captured on my husbands drone were simply breathtaking.

Here is a short video!


Pack nothing but bathing suits. Seriously. You can skip the dresses, shoes, makeup, pants and shirts. You won’t need them. You will literally wake up daily, put on your bathing suit and enjoy the views while your skipper gets busy.



THIS floatie <3


Life all day … and all night IMG_0369


Book an awesome skipper! We have been lucky to sail with some amazing guys who have a love for the ocean. Hit up my guys Ed or Jamie and tell them Indhira sent you. They will set you up with the best prices and make sure you have an unforgettable experience. No need to use expensive companies (i.e. yacht week), their mark up is ridiculous.


Never leave your woes behind. This trip and its pure magic was made possible with the addition of my “corazonsitos.” I am infinitely blessed have a group of friends who are always down for the cause. Whatever cause that is – travel, costumes, random dress up nights – thank you for filling my life with laughter.



Overall, traveling in general is my way of meditation a few times a year, when I discovered sailing I found a way to truly feel disconnected and silence my mind in the sound of the wind and waves. Being out in the ocean gives you a complete change in perspective. Even just a few hundred yards off shore, you are in a completely different universe. What’s happening on land doesn’t matter, when you’re sitting on deck catching wind – it’s just you, the ocean in front of you and the circoc infused coconut in your hand. Ahhhhhh, that is what life is about. Already planning my next sailing adventure, Italy anyone?


In Health & Happiness,


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  1. I so love sailing and want to take my family this year. Thank you for sharing these tips!

    I love what you and your family do for others!

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