4 Common Signs You Need To Cleanse Your Body

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Every single day, your body gives you signs about what it needs and more importantly, shows signs you need to cleanse your body. For me, cleansing is not the newest diet or latest health trend. Over the last 6 years, I have become a firm believer that cleansing is an important way to help your body heal itself and a key ingredient to achieving optimal health.  By cleansing, you help to clear up minor symptoms now that could potentially lead to some serious health issues later.

Below are some of the most common symptoms I have helped my clients clear up with cleansing.

1. You catch colds easily.

Our digestive system holds 80% of our immune system. If you find yourself catching colds and the flu often, a simple cleanse may be all the fix you need to help boost your immune system and prevent those colds.

2. You are irritable and moody.

Irritability is one of the major signs that you need a cleanse.  Your body has to overexert itself to eliminate the toxins present in our standard American diet and sometimes it just can’t keep up. Cleansing can help to clear out those toxins, and those mood swings.

3. Dry skin and break-outs

Our skin is our biggest organ. When you fill your body with toxins year over year and never cleanse, the toxins find their way to the surface and manifest themselves in break-outs, dry skin or dull looking skin.  Many of the issues associated with skin can be cleared up with simple cleansing.  Are you ready to glow? Then it may be time for a cleanse.

4. Back pain

Constipation and improper digestion has been the culprit of lower back pain for many of our customers.  We have found that a compacted colon has many times put pressure on their back that was immediately relieved by cleansing. If you find yourself a victim of pain, it is time to break free from it with cleansing.

Some of the other symptoms include:

  • Feeling tired, sluggish, lethargic
  • Trouble concentrating and staying focused
  • Headaches
  • Joint pain
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Bad breath
  • Unpleasant body odor
  • Frequent gas, bloating or indigestion
  • Allergies and/or food sensitivities
  • Constipation and other gastrointestinal irregularities
  • Recurrent respiratory problems
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Sinus congestion

How many of these symptoms are you feeling? Perhaps it is time for you to cleanse. Have you checked out Operation Cleanse, my signature online cleansing program? Or you can always book a colonic at My Wellness Solutions. 

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