How To Prepare For a Cleanse or Colonic


Congratulations! Cleansing can be a life changing experience, if prepare correctly. I know it can feel boring to prepare for a cleanse or colonic, and you may just want to jump right in, but trust me, that is a bad idea. Rushing into a cleanse from a processed, unhealthy diet or a diet high in animal proteins, alcohol, and excess caffeine can be really painful. It could result in headaches, feeling sick and totally exhausted, and cause you to be completely miserable. These feelings can even lead you to fall right back into the old habits that are bad for your health.

Even if you define your diet as “pretty good”, you’ll be thankful if you take some time to allow your body to adjust to a cleaner diet and avoid these horrible symptoms.

To prepare for a cleanse or a colonic, you should ideally allow 3 to even 7 days for your preparation. The more time you allow your body to adjust to a new diet, the better.

Here are the best tips to prepare for cleansing and detoxing

1) Eliminate heavy animal proteins.

Beef and pork have a long transit time (meaning they take longer to move out of your body). This creates more work for your already overworked digestive system. By removing beef and pork a week before you officially start a cleanse is easy to do and will allow your digestion to begin to lighten up. Opt for wild fish or poultry if you feel your diet needs it.

 2) Ease up on the alcohol (yes that includes wine).

Alcohol is high in sugar and creates inflammation. If you do drink wine every day, you’ll be grateful to remove this to eliminate any potential cravings during the first few days of cleansing. 

3) Cut back on caffeine.

Quitting coffee cold turkey is tough, and could leave you grumpy, anxious, with a bad headache. Go easy and wean off it the week before your cleanse. Try removing a ¼ cup a day as you go. Replace it with Green Tea if you feel you need it.

4) Replace bread with whole grains.

If are addicted to bread, the first few days of detox will be difficult. Eliminate the cravings by switching to whole grains like brown rice and quinoa in favor of bread with dinner. Note: You can also make quinoa as a breakfast oatmeal!

5) Eliminate dairy.

Dairy is addictive, (especially cheese) and will make cleansing quiet difficult. Wean off of dairy the week prior to your cleanse by switching to non-dairy milks like almond milk or coconut milk.

The slower you proceed, and the more time you allow to prepare, the better cleansing experience you will have. Happy Cleansing!

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