How to Keep Your Herbs Fresh

keep herbs like basil fresh

Have you ever had trouble trying to keep herbs fresh? Don’t get  me wrong, I love dry herbs with salt and pepper, but there is something special about adding fresh herbs to any dish. (Hence why I decided to grow my two favorites herbs in my backyard garden: basil and cilantro).  If your cilantro and parsley go limp and become gross after a few days, you are not alone. You can say goodbye to spoiled herbs by following these 2 simple steps to keep herbs fresh. I learned not too long ago and was so excited when it worked!

In order to preserve fresh herbs, you will need the following:

– a mason jar

– water

– scissors or knife

– plastic bag – like thin bags that they have in the produce section of the supermarket

– your favorite herbs, of course.

The best way to store fresh herbs

DIY Way to Keep Herbs Fresh

Step 1:  Prepare your herbs by butting tips off the ends of the stem, about 1cm or so.

Add water to your jar but not all the way to top.

Step 2: Place herbs in container, put plastic bag over top of herbs and put the whole thing in refrigerator. The plastic bag should remain open at the bottom to let air in.

This will keep your herbs fresh for a really long time (so far 2 weeks). When you want to use some herbs, just reach in the bag and grab some. Leave the rest in the bag/water. Replace the water every week to keep it fresh.


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