Happy Half Year! Go Set Half Year Resolutions


The end of this month means we’re officially half way through 2016. It feels like just yesterday I was sipping champagne on my NYE Cruise and thinking up all the things I would accomplish this year. Most of those have taken a back burner to the realities of life – and I am just now realizing that it’s OK! I still have time.

I don’t want to struggle with myself at the end of the year when I realize that I didn’t get a chance to truly check off any resolutions (or goals) and I know I am not alone. So, take this as a friendly reminder and a nudge to make those half year resolutions and kick some behind the next 6 months!

Six Months is Perfect Timing

It doesn’t have to take a full year to achieve your goals. The next 6 months can bring a lot of change. Actually, I think its more attainable to make 6 month goals than 12 month goals because the shorter time frame allows for more accountability. Make sure you check yourself monthly and then at the halfway mark.

Remember to Invest in Yourself

Dedicate time for yourself. Did you want to learn to cook? Pay debt? Train for a race? Lose 15 pounds? These are all 100% doable in 6 months. Set your intention and hold it dear to your heart everyday. You will love yourself for it when December comes around.

Set Realistic Goals

Don’t set yourself up for failure and celebrate small wins. Focus your energy on 4-5 goals and hold yourself accountable. When you set 10-15 goals you scatter your efforts. Set goals that can offer you immediate wins and help you build healthy habits. For example, if you want to save – set your goal to be saving 5-10% of your income or if you want to lose weight, set your goal to be getting to the gym 3 times a week. Setting realistic goals will motivate you towards the bigger ones because you can celebrate your small wins.

Now, get started on your half year resolutions! Cheers to making the second half of 2016 a happy and productive one.

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