Happy Birthday to me!

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I’ve always been big on birthdays. They always feel like a time to refocus on goals and set the tone for the life year ahead. This year, I am over the moon excited to finally launch my own website. Over the past seven years, my mom, sister and myself have been blessed to watch how My Wellness Solutions has grown into a sanctuary where thousands of people have gained immense amounts of health and completely embraced a new a healthy lifestyle. As My Wellness Solutions continues to grow and evolve to bring our clients the very best, I thought it was finally time to create a platform where I can share all the amazing knowledge I’ve gained throughout my years as an entrepreneur in the health and wellness industry.

Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy, but it’s something I wouldn’t change for the world! It’s given me the opportunities and flexibility to live a life I love. My goal on here is to share with you all I know about running a business (so you can learn from my mistakes), how to find balance (aside from frequent traveling), how health & wellness are easier to achieve than you think (stop it with the excuse that your mom always forced you to finish your plate) and some most importantly – recipes!

I love being Dominican, I swear on my life that our food and culture is the absolute best. I struggled when I first ventured into health and wellness because let’s face it – Dominican food and healthy just don’t go hand in hand (lies). I learned that you don’t have to sacrifice flavor for health. The quote “hecho con amor” (made with love) is more important today than ever. Food, and how you choose to nourish yourself is mostly about the LOVE and ENERGY you put into it. So, I challenge you to get back into the kitchen and have fun doing it – you’ll be surprised what you end up inventing!

In Health & Happiness,


P.S. To celebrate my b-day I also planned an awesome trip to Arizona to visit some wonders of the world with my hubs. Super excited to share with you guys later on so be sure to sign up to receive my emails!

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