Choosing the Right Meal Plan and Diet for Your Goals


Choosing the right meal plan and diet that works best for you is a combination of your lifestyle and your wellness goals. No ONE DIET works for everyone and you can create one that has a mix of some to fit your needs. Below find a quick recap of some of the most popular diets around.  Try to combine from all and create your own personal Food Policy! 

The Vegetarian Diet

Removing meat from your diet can be challenging but this diet challenges you to find those nutrients in plant based foods. This diet will have you feeling refreshed and as good as ever. Typical dish: salad or prepared vegetables

The Paleo diet

Paleo is a popular diet because it allows for the continued consumption of only the purest natural ingredients. This diet does allow for meat consumption but eliminates processed foods from your diet. Often times referred to as the “cave-man” diet, paleo challenges you to keep it simple and keep it pure. Typical dish: meat and vegetables.

The Sugar-free Diet

This diet can be super challenging because there are sugars and complexed sugars in almost everything we eat. Trying a sugar-free diet however, ensures an actual growth in energy, vitality, and overall wellness. Typical dish: meat and vegetables, oats.

Gluten-free Diet

This diet, similarly to a sugar-free diet, forces you to reform what you’re putting into your body. Gluten is an ingredient in most bread products. Trying a gluten-free diet ensures weight loss and an increased metabolism.

The Weight Loss Diet

This diet challenges you to only eat ingredients that will kickstart your metabolism. Foods such as avocado are commonly consumed on this diet and lead to a healthy weight loss if properly coupled with exercise.

The Hormone Balancing Diet

This diet focuses solely on increasing the natural bodily energy that you produce. By providing greens identified as “hormone-helpers”, you can completely revitalize your life and your general wellness inside and out.


Not sure where to start? You can always work with me to help you create a lifestyle that is sustainable and realistic for your own individual needs.

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