Why is sugar making you fat?


Do you really think that the only thing that makes you fat is fried/fatty food? Wrong! Yes, there is some truth to that, but not all fats are created equal. There are good and bad fats, and it’s important to know the difference.

Good, healthy fats come from natural sources like coconuts, olives, avocados and animal proteins. The bad ones… well, I don’t need to tell you the bad ones because we are all guilty of indulging on fries once in a blue.  Of course, having fried chicken, fried ice cream, and donuts will pack on the pounds … but that is not necessarily the biggest culprit, hidden sugars are.

Sugar is EVERYWHERE, not only in the mouth watering desserts you crave. Your diet is also high in sugar if you over consume carbs like rice or pasta and also processed foods (anything with a food label).  So, why is sugar so dangerous to your waist line? Here are three ways …

#1: Sugar doesn’t satisfy your appetite. It actually makes you overeat and leaves you hungrier. Healthy fats do the opposite. Consuming naturally healthy fats not only fills you up but also promotes healthy skin and proper digestion.

#2: Sugar lacks the nutrients your body needs to thrive. If you regularly start day with a pancake or coffee, you have missed the opportunity to eat a nutrient-rich meal like a green smoothie or egg. When your body lacks nutrients, you feel sluggish and are less likely to be active. No physical activity = weight gain.

#3: Consuming excess PROCESSED SUGAR spikes your blood sugar out of a normal healthy range. This affects your insulin balance, often referred as hyperglycemia-hypoglycemia shift, causing you to have mood swings, feel even hungrier, store excess fat and even worse, lead to metabolic syndromes or pre-diabetic state.

Scientists call sugar the ‘new drug’ because it’s so addictive (I am talking lab rats choose sugar over cocaine addictive). Like anything, the key is to eat with balance, mindfulness and in moderation. It’s ok to indulge occasionally, just make sure the sweets and desserts you consume are made from quality ingredients.

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