Birthday Tripping – Part 2 – Healing my Third Chakra in Sedona


Over the past 7 years working with clients at My Wellness Solutions, I’ve become extra sensitive to the energy around me. I can sense someone’s energy a mile away – it’s consuming. So when my sister visited Sedona last year and told me about its energy healing properties, I had to go!

A three-hour drive south from Page was Sedona. A truly is a magical place with beauty that is replicated nowhere else on earth. For thousands of years, it’s a been a place of healing and sacred powers for the Indians. Along with the Pyramids of Giza, Stonehenge and Easter Island – Sedona is also considered one of the major power centers on earth.  And after spending 2 days there, I understand why. It wasn’t just the rock formations and views, there was something in the air. A vibe that you couldn’t quiet explain. It was the energy.


The Sedona part of my trip started with a visit to an energy healer – a birthday gift from my swindling sister who is always somehow trying to trick me into being more in tune with myself. After chatting with Heather, my shaman, about the aspects of my life I feel I need to work on, I went to lay down to start my healing session. She quickly determined that my Third Chakra is out of control and I needed to work on balancing it if I wanted to have some order in my life and relationships. We spoke some more, she healed some more, the session got intense as she seemed to read me like a book – then it was over. I really did not know how or what to feel or really want had just happened. It wasn’t until the next day, during a guided tour with Larry – that it all came together. Larry mentioned to me the exact same things that Heather had told me the day before. All the emotion came running back – I had some sort of experience I couldn’t even begin to explain. It was a huge desire to let go. I realized that my worst enemy today, is me from yesterday.

That’s when I knew that the energy in Sedona was not some mythical creation – it was real.  And if you don’t feel it, you can see the energy, and vortexes, in the trees that grow as if in a spiral. It’s simply breathtaking.

Aside from chakra healing, Sedona is known for some serious hiking. Of course, I would opt for one of the more “dangerous” hikes, Devils Bridge. Before I continue, let me note that hiking in the rain, steep rocks that are slippery, is very very scary. I am always down for adventure, but “safe controlled” adventure like diving or sky diving is more like my style. We were about 100 ft. from the top before a full blown anxiety attack hit me and I was paralyzed. Crying. Disappointed. But not wanting to say I got this far and didn’t make it to the top. So, like I tell my client’s all the time – I got my life together and kept it going. The view was as magical as I imagined – rain and all.

Our time in Sedona was short, but just enough time to visit some amazing restaurants and enjoy a lovely morning stroll at the AirBnB vineyard we stayed the night at (Highly recommended if you visit. You will be delighted!). Sometimes, all you need is a few hours in a place to appreciate its magic just enough to give you a reason to go back soon.

As promised. Here is the breakdown of this awesome trip. Travel does NOT have to be expensive to be life changing.

Birthday Tripping for two under $1,200  

Setting a budget might be the best way to travel. It forces you to think out of the box and explore options you wouldn’t think possible with an “unlimited” budget. Here is my breakdown for this unforgettable trip:

Flights: $420 – LOVE my Delta Amex. I used my companion pass to get my husbands flight for $25.

Page, AZ Hotel: $225 Lake Powell Hotel & Resort – Total for 2 Nights

Sedona, AZ AirBandB: $180

Car Rental + Gas: $200

Tours: $136 – $56 for Antelope Canyon and $80 on Groupon for our Sedona Jeep Tour

Total: $1,161

In Health & Happiness,


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