Birthday Tripping – Part 1: Adventures in Page, AZ

Antelope Canyon

For my 31st birthday, I wanted to try something different than my usual beach vacations so I opted for a hiking trip that would give me views of nature only God could create. I set a budget of $1200 for me and my husband and ended up on a 4 day/3 night and two city adventure that consisted of Page and Sedona both in Arizona (post on Sedona portion of trip coming soon). Our first stop, Page, AZ proved to be absolutely astonishing. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated with picking vacations based on wonders of the world. I even have books where I diligently check off places I have visited. So, when I saw Antelope Canyon was part of a natural world wonders list, I knew one day I had to go PLUS it was in the US!

The weekend began with a 4-hour nighttime drive from Phoenix to Page. Yes, it seems like a long drive but when the flight costs vary by $200 or more, it’s worth the sacrifice! Plus, you want to drive so you can get to all the sites without depending on overpriced guided. We stayed in Lake Powell Resort located in Glen Canyon National Park which featured beautiful lake views and trails.


The following day, my birthday, we took to exploring.  First, stop was a self guided tour of Glen Canyon Dam. The sheer size of this concrete slab in the middle of the canyon was breathtaking (so are the real dinosaur footprints on display!). Next up was a hike to my natural wonder of the world, Antelope Canyon. This was by far one of the most beautiful places I’ve seen in my entire life. I don’t think any of the pictures I took could do this place any justice. The tour guide was a Navajo who was super in touch with the land and nature. As I walked through the canyon, I couldn’t help but think about all the millions of years it took to form such beauty. The canyon was formed and is continued to be formed by flash floods (and of course since it was my birthday, there were dark clouds on the horizon we had to be on the lookout for).

Our day continued with a hike to Horseshoe Bend, not a natural wonder but it should be! If you want to see a place that takes your breath away and scares you while you are at it, this is it. The shape and structure of these rock walls are impressive. Just make sure you don’t go to close to the edge of the cliff, there is absolutely nothing protecting you from the 1000ft drop.


All the hiking gave the hubs “protein” cravings so we made it over to another “must visit when in Page” – Big John’s BBQ. Literally … as country as it gets! Everything smoked and roasted on outside rotisseries, wine in plastic cups, peanuts from a bucket and country music. I must admit, I enjoyed the food though it left me craving a smoothie right after (must have balance). We continued exploring the sites of Page, drove a few miles into Utah stopping at all the “Scenic views” along the way, got stuck in the sand because my husband didn’t get the “we rented a Hyundai not a jeep” memo – we eventually got pulled out by two really drunk guys who were camping nearby … all in all, it was everything I wanted from my 31st birthday.

The following day we took a guided boat tour of Lake Powell and headed south on one of top 5 US Scenic routes to our next destination, Sedona.

In Health & Happiness,


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